Thursday, December 7, 2017

CATQuest - new look coming soon

CATQuest is being migrated to the next version, so will have a slightly new look. It's not a major revision, but we've been told that we will see some changes by the beginning of spring 2018 semester - perhaps earlier. Two examples:

1.  My understanding is that the "Sign-In" link (feature that allows access to the most complete contents available) will be on the library homepage adjacent to the CATQuest search box. This will enable you to sign in and perform the most complete search possible using the big search box, if you don't wish to use the Advanced Search.

2. We've been told that the link to the Classic Catalog will be on the library homepage instead of hidden under the "Research" link.

When the final revision is complete, I'll check to see if there are any other substantive changes. If so, I'll communicate those to you.