Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Library Changes - Virtual

The new Library website is here. If you can't find a link to something that you used on the previous website, please let me know and I can try to help you.

Three big changes are:

1. The way to find important electronic resources. We have migrated from the Articles & More list to the Research Databases list. The icon for this is directly underneath the CATQuest search box.
Ways to find the resource you're looking for:
  • You can browse the entire list A to Z
  • You can select your Subject from the pull-down menu (English, Film & Television Studies, etc.) and then view the entire list of resources in that subject area
  • Within the Subject category you selected, you can refine your search further by format (article databases, reference sources, newspapers, etc.) by selecting the format/type from the "All Info Types" pull-down menu.
2.  The Classic Library Catalog. It is still available. From the Library homepage, click Research from the top menu bar and look for the Classic Library Catalog link at the bottom of the first column.

3. The CATQuest search box is now the main point of entry for our resources. To perform a more nuanced search, click Advanced Search (under the search box). Here is a screenshot with some search tips.
NOTE: When you are on the Advanced Search page, click Sign In on the upper right of the screen in order to access the most complete content.  Remember! Not all our content is available through CATQuest. You still need to use individual databases to ensure the most comprehensive search.

     To perform a Browse search in the CATQuest Library Catalog, follow these steps:
  • Click Advanced Search
  • Click Basic search (link under the search box)
  • Click Browse Search link to the right of the search box
  • Use the pull-down menu to choose the field you want to browse (title, author, subject heading, call number, etc.)
If you intend to use CATQuest to find and link to online resources from off-campus, I strongly advise you to log in to the UVM network via VPN. The ezproxy is not always effective. If you choose to try ezproxy first, log in to ezproxy before you enter CATQuest. Click the "Connect Off-Campus" button under the search box. Make sure you see "ezproxy" in the URL while in CATQuest.