Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Library Changes - Physical

The library has been undergoing physical changes this summer - primarily on the main/1st floor. We are experiencing the domino effect of the construction of the bridge between the library and the new residence hall.

When you return on Monday, August 28th, expect to see the following:
  • Media Services and the Multimedia Lab (with the 3D printer) will be in new headquarters on the main/1st floor - near the lobby area between the bridge and the library proper.
  • The Reference Desk will be moved farther back into the reference area, a little closer to the print Reference Collection.
  • New study tables, computer tables, etc. will be arranged in different configurations on the main/1st floor.
  • The former custodians' closet has been transformed into a single gender-neutral restroom, along the same wall as the other restrooms.
  • The McCrorey Gallery will remain in situ.
  • My office is still on the ground floor.