Wednesday, August 23, 2017

English & FTS Subject Guides - Updates

The basic English & American Literature Subject Guide and Film & Television Subject Guide have been refreshed and updated. Updates include, but are not limited to, changes to links that reflect the new Library website. The CATQuest version of the Library Catalog is now the default on the  "Books" page in each guide.
The Research Guides link/button is directly below the CATQuest search box. When you are on this page and click the link for English, you will see three subject guides.

The major new development is that I have split the English & American subject guide into three guides to cut down on the clutter of the guide and to take the opportunity to accommodate more period-specific resources, including primary and secondary sources that provide historical, cultural, and political contexts.

English & American Subject Guide remains as the mother ship for general literary research (including genres such as poetry, science fiction, horror, etc.), but also covers 20th-21st century literature.

English & American Literature : Medieval-18th Century covers American and British literature during this time span. *This is the guide that has special pages for Shakespeare and Manuscripts.

English & American Literature : 19th Century covers American and British literature during the 19th century.

I understand that these time periods are arbitrary, as several literary movements (e.g. romanticism) span centuries; I have tried to accommodate that by including the same resources in two (sometimes three) of the guides.

Many of our Cambridge History of.... titles have been purchased in online format. I have linked to relevant titles on the "E-Texts" pages for all three English & American Literature Subject Guides Please note that you can read, download, and print individual pdf chapters in each volume.

If you have suggestions for additional library resources or relevant websites to add to the guides, please send those to me for consideration.