Monday, August 24, 2015

ScholarWorks@UVM - A UVM Libraries service for researchers

UVM’s institutional repository, ScholarWorks@UVM, provides an open access venue for faculty and student research:
  • For faculty, placing articles in ScholarWorks@UVM increases visibility and access to your research. 
  • In addition to journal articles, reports, white papers, and other grey literature may be placed into ScholarWorks. ScholarWorks@UVM can accommodate student-published publications, image and video files as well.
  •  Though journal articles are ideal for reaching other researchers at well-funded universities, providing access to your articles through ScholarWorks@UVM allows community practitioners without a university affiliation to access and learn from your work.
  •  Increasingly, federal funding sources require that research results are made freely and publicly available in repositories such as ScholarWorks@UVM. 
  •  Publisher-author agreements provide information about depositing your work in open access institutional repositories. 
UVM Libraries can answer questions you have as authors. Please let me know if you'd like to explore the value of ScholarWorks @ UVM for you or your students. Members of the Libraries Institutional Repository committee are available to meet with you or your department.