Monday, August 24, 2015

MLA International Bibliography and Your Publications

The MLA International Bibliography has a new tutorial in its video series relevant to your scholarly publishing:
Scope: What’s in the MLA International Bibliography? And How to Be Included!

 Learn which types of publications fit the MLA International Bibliography’s criteria for inclusion and how to submit publications to be listed.

The MLA International Bibliography has launched  MLA BibLink, a new application that enables authors to associate their works listed in the bibliography with a unique author identification number from ORCID. ORCID is a not-for-profit organization that provides unique digital identifiers that allow researchers to distinguish themselves from others with similar names.

MLA BibLink allows you to search the MLA International Bibliography for your publications, including works you’ve published under variant names, and in one click link them to your ORCID identifier to create a digital record of your scholarship.

You must first create an ORCID profile. You can register for one from the MLA BibLink welcome page and immediately start adding works.