Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spotlight on the Collection (new!) New Library Resource - Kanopy Streaming

I'm pleased to announce that Bailey/Howe Library has recently acquired the new Netflix-like video streaming service, Kanopy Streaming. Click here to start watching: Kanopy UVM affiliates only

I thought you might be interested in a couple films now available within some of Kanopy's collections that pertain to the English/FTS Department (e.g., Writers on Writing: Character-Setting-Plot, Lighting for Film & Television: Exposure, Shadows, and Basic Technique ). I'd also like to highlight some relevant collections below:

1) The Arts --> Literature 
2) Media/Comm --> Film Studies

Other broad topics of interest in the "Media/Comm" category include:

Find films by using this Browse Subjects mode of searching for blocks of films. Find films by using the Keyword search box and then filtering the results.

Additional teaching benefits:
  • Create clips/playlists.
  • Embed any video or clip in Blackboard.
  • Social media tools facilitate conversations between students and filmmakers.

Find a link to Kanopy in the Articles & More list -->  Browse by subjects:
Film & Television Studies

I hope you enjoy using the collections. Please contact me if you have questions!