Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome Back! Teaching/Research Support

The fall semester is already here! I hope you all had a wonderful summer. As always,  please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you and your students. I can do one or more of the following:
  • Design a web-based research guide customized for your course. Additionally, I am happy to make a brief visit to your class to introduce myself and tell them how I can help.
  • Meet with students individually for research assistance with a paper or project. Please encourage them to contact me directly.
  • Consult with you on a research assignment.
  • Meet with students as a group (across English/FTS courses) outside of class, for workshops on using specific resources such as MLA Int'l BibliographyJSTOR, etc.
  • Meet with your students as a group during class time (I need at least two weeks lead time for scheduling and class preparation).

I encourage you to include my name and contact information on your syllabi as the librarian for English and Film & Television Studies, who looks forward to helping students with their research. 

If you feel individual students in your courses are struggling with the research process in general, please refer them to our newly designed modular guide to the research process: Library Jumpstart. This guide provides information on basic library research skills, and answers questions about finding, evaluating, and citing resources.

Subject Guides - updates and new materials

I've updated the English & American Literature Subject Guide and the Film & Television Studies Subject Guide, both starting points for research.

Some changes made:
  • I've added websites and resources to each guide.
  • I've made a slight change in the "Search Strategies" page in the English guide.
  • In each guide, I've added a separate page which lists our growing collection of Library Research tutorials. These interactive tutorials help students use specific resources and develop skills that support information literacy. An added bonus is the provision of an optional quiz for each tutorial. Once the student completes the tutorial you can have them e-mail the results to you so you can gauge their proficiency with various resources and their understanding of various aspects of the research process. Of course, you don't have to use them, but they are there if you do.
  • In each guide, I've updated  web links and edition information for various books.
Feel free to link these guides from your Blackboard course sites. However, these subject guides reside on the Library homepage --> Help --> Research Guides by Subject 

If you would like me to create a customized research guide for your specific course, I will be happy to do so. Drawing resources  from the "mother ship" I may also include other resources that are of particular use to students in your course.

Spotlight on the Collection (new!) - New Library Resources

Here is information on two new resources of interest to you and an update of a continuing resource.

Oxford African American Studies Center UVM affiliates only
Portal to full-text information (biographies, encyclopedias, companions, primary sources), images and maps about African Americans, African American life and culture, and Africa and the diaspora.
Find a list of the core content on this page.
Note: several of these print resources remain in the Reference Collection.

Access this resource from the Library website:

Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE) UVM affiliates only
DARE focuses on the regional aspects of American English, documenting words, phrases, and pronunciations that vary from one place to another. This online version provides interactive maps, audio field recordings, and fielded searching. Note: The six-volume print edition remains in the Reference Collection.

Access this resource from the Library website:

Digital Theatre Plus UVM affiliates only
British-based collection of twenty (currently) high-definition streaming videos which captures recent live full-length professional theatre productions (using multiple camera angles) from leading West End producers, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Young Vic, the Almeida, and other companies. Also: text- and video-based study guides and teaching aids on individual plays and theatre production and management, in general; Videos of interviews with actors and directors discussing their craft.
The collection has grown from 18 to 20 videos.  Videos of interviews with actors and directors discussing their craft have been added.

This resource is found in the usual places on the Library website. In both guides, it is listed on the page "Moving Images & Sound."

Document Delivery of Library Materials - Reminder

Last August (2013), I created a blog post about the pilot Document Delivery Service. Since it appears that it's now a permanent service, I thought I'd remind you of this fabulous service. Please share with all your students.

The Bailey/Howe Interlibrary Loan Department (ILL) provides document delivery services at Bailey/Howe Library.


UVM faculty, staff and students may request scans of articles and book chapters from materials available in Bailey/Howe Library regular print and microform collections. ILL staff will scan articles or book chapters and deliver them as a PDF to users' Illiad accounts. This service is currently offered free of charge.

What can be requested?

  • Book chapters and journal articles from the Bailey/Howe Library main stacks and Library Research Annex.
  • Book chapters and journal articles from the Bailey/Howe Library microform collections.
Copyright applies in all cases.

Library Summer Renovation - Circulation and Course Reserve

This summer the library renovated the Circulation and Course Reserve areas. In order to maximize space and make service more efficient, the Course Reserve desk has disappeared  (no longer next to the Cyber CafĂ©) and has merged with the Circulation Desk. Students will now use one desk, convenient to the entry/exit doors, for two services.

The Circulation Desk now has two signs above it - "Circulation" and "Reserve."