Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Sunset of Analog - options for obsolete media formats

A message from the Multimedia Resources and Services Dept. .....

Obsolete Format Playback Machines: 

Playback machines such as VHS players, laser disc players, Super8, and DAT machines have become difficult to obtain. As these obsolete machines break, our Classroom Support team believes it will be nearly impossible to replace them in UVM classrooms. To help users prepare for classrooms that no longer have obsolete playback machines, the Multimedia Resources and Services Department offers the following options:

 • Replace works in obsolete format: Works requested by users for booking/circulation/reserve/ that are in obsolete format will be replaced in modern format (such as DVD). Multimedia will also identify and replace works that support the curriculum with modern format.

Transfer formats when necessary: When efforts to purchase works in modern format are exhausted Multimedia will look at in-house format conversion. Important works that support the curriculum will be transferred to modern format for classroom use.

 • Support personal works: The Multimedia Lab offers hardware and software for converting personal works into modern format. Staff will provide instruction and support to users.

 If your curriculum includes works that are in obsolete format please contact Multimedia Resources and Services for a consultation. Please plan well ahead as some works are difficult to find and copyright issues can complicate the replacement process. Some works might take up to 2 months to obtain in a modern format.

Contact:     /    (802) 656-1944