Monday, August 19, 2013

Spotlight on the Collection (new!) - FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals Plus

The library has purchased access to

 a portal to information and research on film and television. Resources provided are:
  • The International Index to Film Periodicals which provides access to abstracts (many with links to full-text) of articles and film reviews from @350 important academic and popular journals covering all aspects of film and television.
  •  Five full-text key reference works: Encyclopedia of Early Cinema (Routledge), Routledge Companion to Film Studies, Oxford History of World Cinema, Critical Ideas in Television Studies (Oxford), Film Analysis: A Norton Reader
  •  "Treasures from Film Archives": identifies silent film holdings in archives around the world.
  •  Documentation Collections: contains information about important international film archives, libraries, and educational institutions. 
  • FIAF Affiliates' Publications: provides citations for books, pamphlets, programs, and other materials published since 1966 by FIAF archives. 
  • Browsable/searchable list of @50 full-text film journals.

Access this resource from the Library website: