Friday, March 22, 2013

Spotlight on the Collection (new!) - Columbia Granger's World of Poetry

Back in October I alerted you to a database trial for  Columbia Granger's World of Poetry. The library has just purchased access to this resource.

As a reminder, this searchable database is a portal to primary (poems) and secondary sources (criticism and explication, biographical sketches of poets, citations). You'll find 250,000 full-text poems, biographical profiles of poets, poem commentaries;  450,000 citations to poems in anthologies; a glossary of poetry terms; spoken word audio recordings of poems.

You can also compare any two poems with full text in the database by looking at them side-by-side on the same page.

The Advanced Search mode allows you to search for poems in various ways (e.g., words in title, first line, last line; by author, gender, school or movement, nationality, time period, language, etc.)

If you've ever used the library's multiple editions of Granger's Index to Poetry to find a poem, this resource will do that for you, searching across several editions of this print title.

Access this resource from the Library website: