Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Printing and Scanning in the Library - New Developments

In case you didn't see the message about the library's printers and scanners under "Spotlight" on the Library home page......


Printers and photocopiers in Bailey/Howe Library will  no longer accept cash for transactions. Cat$cratch is the only option - using your UVM ID or a separate Cat$cratch card.

You may  purchase a separate Cat$cratch card in the library. The Cat$cratch machine in the lobby can dispense cards in $1.00 allotments. When you purchase the card for $1.00, you automatically receive a dollar's worth of printing and photocopying. Once you have the card, you can use the same machine to add money to this card when necessary. You can also add money to your UVM ID using the same Cat$cratch machine.

The cost of print copies has been reduced to 5 cents/page  for black/white, while the cost for color copies remains at 25 cents/page.


Scanning services, in b/w and color, are now offered free of charge at machines on the first and second floors of Bailey/Howe.  You may scan to your e-mail account or scan to a USB flash drive.