Friday, May 4, 2012

Project Muse - How to Handle Book Reviews

I and other librarians have been carping to Project Muse about the annoying book review issue within the new interface - both to search only for reviews or to exclude all reviews.

According to a customer rep, the folks at Project Muse actually listened (!), and will be adding that function (both to search only for reviews or to exclude all reviews) soon.

In the meantime, she gave me instructions on how to exclude most (not all) book reviews from your search results, which I'm sharing with you.

Run your search.
On the search results page, click on Modify Search button (upper right).
There you can construct a boolean search (e.g., and, or  connectors). Your search term/s will display in the first  box.
Change the connector to NOT
Change the Field label in the second box to:  Title
In the search box,  type   review
 Most of the reviews in MUSE have (review) in the title. By filtering your search to not include any titles with the word review, you should see greatly reduced numbers in your results.
Watch a demonstration