Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Muse - New Search Interface

The search interface for Project Muse has changed - for better or worse.
Here are the major changes:
  • The multi-search box interface has gone, and has been replaced by one search box. The multi-search box is available after you perform your original search. Click on the "Modify Search" link.
  • You can use parentheses in the one search box to mimic a multi-search box search. For example: (women or gender) and (chaucer or "canterbury tales")
  • Project Muse now offers access to both book and journal citations. UVM does not provide full-text access to the books in this database. The library may own the book in print format. Check the Library Catalog first. If the library doesn't own it, you may request the book or book chapter through ILL.
  • To search for full-text journal content, perform your initial search and on the screen of search results, tick the box on the left "Only content I have full access to."
  • Truncation (e.g., theat*   to get theatre, theater, etc.) no longer works. I have been assured that they are working on this issue.
  • You can no longer exclude book reviews from your search results. I have been assured that they are working on this issue.
I'm happy to answer any questions you have about using the new interface.