Monday, December 12, 2011

Spring Semester - 2012

Happy Holidays to you all! All my best wishes for a wonderful New Year.

Before our winter break, I wanted to touch base with you about a couple of things.

Improved Access to UVM Libraries Collections

Library staff are working hard to improve access to our collections. During the spring we hope to make available a beta site for an improved Library Catalog interface. We will ask all of you to "kick the tires" on the new interface, letting us know what you like, don't like, and would like to see.

We are also working hard to make that button work better (or, actually work!), with a new product. That will be available for testing as well.

As you begin/continue your course preparation for the spring, remember the library. In addition to meeting with your classes for research instruction, I will:

  • prepare a web-based library research guide customized to your course
  • provide feedback on an assignment (or assignments) that will require scholarly research
  • facilitate  the purchase of library materials to support your course (and your own individual research)
  • meet with your students one-on-one for a research consultation*
  • visit your class for 5-10 minutes to introduce myself and the library. Students often feel more comfortable making an appointment with me or seeking assistance at the reference desk if they can attach a face to a name
*I will meet with any student taking an English/FTS class, whether or not they are English/FTS  majors.

Feel free to include my name and contact information on syllabi and Blackboard sites.

I hope to see you and/or your students in the spring.