Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spotlight on the Collection (new!) - Ambrose Streaming Videos

Ambrose Video is a leading producer of educational documentaries, offering an extensive library of award-winning materials in social studies, literature, fine arts, and the sciences. The UVM Libraries has purchased a license for accessing several video collections via streaming video, including...(drum roll please..) the Complete set (37) of BBC Shakespeare Plays.
NOTE  off-campus access to this resource requires a log-in. Clips may be integrated into your Blackboard course sites.

Streaming video is a means of delivering video content to computer desktops via an Internet connection, without requiring any additional equipment for decoding or downloading.  A host server delivers the file to the receiving computer.  Multiple users can view the same video at the same time from different locations. Streaming video differs from downloads in that no copy of the file is stored on the end-user’s computer, so files remain relatively secure.

Access Ambrose Streaming Videos from the Library website: