Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Library Collections - Your Opinions Matter

As the liaison to English/FTS, I've been thinking about how best to make sure the library's collections are meeting your teaching and research needs.

Print books, e-books, online reference books, print reference books, article databases, full-text databases, print journals, e-journals, order on demand books, order on demand e-books,  books freely available on the Internet, films on dvds, streaming video,  the advent of e-book readers.....      All these options make us dizzy.

While I hope you feel comfortable contacting me with your collections needs, I thought an in-person conversation with the group would serve a purpose.  Sometimes "group think" yields important information.

Tony has kindly agreed to set aside @15 minutes or so during your dept. meeting on Monday, January 31st.   During our time together, I hope to learn:
  • what you’re happy with
  • what you’re not so crazy about
  • what you wish we would provide
  • your thoughts on various formats for books, journals, and films (print, online, dvd, streaming video)
This type of feedback is important to the library. With budgets being tight, we want to make sure we direct our collections budget to what really matters for our faculty and, consequently, to our students.
I won't be there to present, but to ask, listen, and record.  Of course, I’ll try to answer any questions you might have.  At the end, l hope you’ll have found this to be a useful exercise. See you on Monday!