Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spring Semester - 2011

Happy Holidays to you all! All my best wishes for a wonderful New Year.

As you begin/continue your course preparation for the spring, remember the library. In addition to meeting with your classes for research instruction, I will:

  • prepare a web-based library research guide customized to your course
  • provide feedback on an assignment (or assignments) that will require scholarly research
  • facilitate  the purchase of library materials to support your course (and your own individual research)
  • meet with your students one-on-one for a research consultation*
  • visit your class for 5-10 minutes to introduce myself and the library. Students often feel more comfortable making an appointment with me or seeking assistance at the reference desk if they can attach a face to a name
*I will meet with any student taking an English/FTS class, whether or not they are English/FTS  majors.

Feel free to include my name and contact information on syllabi and Blackboard sites.

I hope to see you and/or your students in the spring.

Literary Criticism Workshops in Spring 2011 - Scheduled

The literary criticism workshops for  Spring 2011 have been scheduled. They are geared to the uninitiated or uncertain.
LOCATION: Bailey/Howe Library Classroom (Room 123) Main/1st floor

February 1 (Tuesday)
Literature Resource Center : 4-5 pm
MLA Int'l Bibliography : 5-6 pm

March 1 (Tuesday)
Literature Resource Center : 4-5 pm
MLA Int'l Bibliography : 5-6 pm

April 5 (Tuesday)
Literature Resource Center : 4-5 pm
MLA Int'l Bibliography : 5-6 pm

There is no "ideal" time of day or perfect day of the week to offer workshops. This is my best attempt to offer them at strategic times throughout the semester. I will make sure they are advertised on the Library web site at appropriate times. I would appreciate it if you would post these dates and times to your Blackboard site, list them on your syllabus, and/or mention them in class.

As always, if students need assistance and are unable to attend these workshops, please have them contact me directly and I will be happy to set up an individual appointment.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.