Monday, July 12, 2010

Spotlight on the Collection (new!) : Literature Criticism Online - more titles added

The library has just acquired four additional titles in the Gale Criticism series online, collectively called Literature Criticism Online. These titles join Poetry Criticism and Short Story Criticism already owned by the library.

The library now has the online versions of six titles in the series:

These are searchable databases of full-length or excerpted criticism of works, and biographical information about major writers worldwide from all eras. They present a range of modern and historical views on writers and their works.

You'll find: full-text English-language literary criticism from books and journals; biographical profiles; for each entry, a chronological list of the writer's major works; work overviews (e.g., jude the obscure); topic overviews (e.g., american naturalism in short fiction).

Note to Film Faculty: Contemporary Literary Criticism has many entries for filmmakers.

The Browse Topics feature, accessible via the top navigation bar, allows you to select from an alphabetical list of topics that are the focus of overview entries included in the database. This will prove very useful for both undergrads and graduate students who want a robust and scholarly discussion of all kinds of topics in literature. It also serves to help students select a paper or thesis topic. In addition to the overview, each entry provides a list of representative works in that topic and a list of sources for further reading.

Clicking on one of the six titles connects you directly to Literature Criticism Online (LCO). This is the "mothership" for the series. Upon entering, select the resource you want from the "by Series" menu. You may also cross-search LCO or select just the ones you want. This option can be useful, since many authors are found in multiple titles (e.g, Nathaniel Hawthorne is in Short Story Criticism and Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism).

Access this resource from the Library website: