Monday, July 12, 2010

Spotlight on the Collection (new!) : JSTOR - more journals

JSTOR is comprised of full-text journals which are purchased in "collections." An analogy would be your cable service. When you purchase a particular cable service, many channels are bundled into a service. You may not  watch the Golf Channel;  but if you want access to BBC America, the Golf Channel trots right behind it. 

The library has just acquired 3 additional  JSTOR "collections."  They are:

 Arts and Sciences V
Builds on previously introduced disciplines, adding important literary reviews and state historical journals. It will also widen the scope of core disciplines in the arts and humanities, such as philosophy, history, classics, religion, art history, language and literature.

Arts and Sciences VI
This collection will extend JSTOR's coverage in disciplines across the social sciences, with clusters focused in economics, education, linguistics, political science, and area studies.

Arts and Sciences VIII
This collection will broaden JSTOR's coverage of core humanities disciplines including history, language & literature, art history, and education. This collection will also include journals in philosophy, classical studies, and music.

These collections add to the collections the library currently has: Arts & Sciences I-III and VII.

To view more information about all these collections and to see a list of titles in these collections, enter JSTOR -> click on "About"  in the bar at  the top of the screen-> click on "The Archives" --> in the sidebar click on "Available Collections."