Monday, January 11, 2010

Literature Resource Center - Advanced Search

All the databases coming from Gale Publishing-which includes Literature Resource Center-now have "Advanced Search" as the default search mode. However, you still have access to the "Basic Search" by simply clicking on that link in the top left of the screen.
Advanced Search has the familiar multi-box search screen and allows for more searching flexibility.

A few hints:
  1. To search for a phrase, enclose the words in quotation marks.
      "cherry orchard"
  2. When searching for an author, using the search field "Person-By or About (pz)", type "last name first name" e.g., "chaucer geoffrey"

  3. Truncation/Wildcard:
    * substitutes for one or more characters at the end of a word or root word
    ? substitutes for a single character within a word or at the end of a word
    ! substitutes for one or no characters within a word (colo!r locates color and colour)