Monday, December 14, 2009

Course Support - Spring 2010 Semester

As you are busily grading exams and papers from the fall semester, most likely the last thing on your mind is the spring semester. However, once you begin preparing for your spring courses, please keep in mind that I look forward to helping you and your students.

  • Library Research Guides - If you'd like me to design a library research guide for your course, please let me know ASAP so I can begin working on it over the break.
  • Course-related Library Instruction - we can schedule now and talk details later.
  • Class Visit - If you don't feel an entire library instruction session is needed, I can pop into your class for 10 minutes to introduce myself. Sometimes putting a face to a name lessens the anxiety for a student who needs individual help
  • Syllabus and/or Blackboard Presence - Feel free to include my name and contact information on your syllabus and/or Blackboard site.
  • Ad Hoc Workshops on a Specific Database - If a group of you feels that your students would benefit from a workshop on a specific database (e.g., MLA, Literature Resource Center, Film & Television Literature Index, JSTOR, etc.) outside of class time, we can certainly discuss how to make that happen.
If you are thinking about changing an assignment that requires library research, and would like some feedback, I'd be happy to do that too.

Have a wonderful break. Happy New Year!