Friday, June 12, 2009

Spotlight on the Collection - PsycINFO

The database PsycINFO doesn't readily come to mind when researching a literary or film topic; this is the core database for psychological literature (journal articles, books, book chapters, dissertations, etc.).

However, in addition to MLA International Bibliography, PsycINFO may be an additional source for locating material on the psychological study of literature or film, or psychological interpretation of individual authors, filmmakers, individual literary works or films. These articles or book chapters are generally from psychology journals or books.

In MLA International Biography, use these search phrases in addition to your other search term/s:
psychoanalytic approach
psychological approach

In PsycINFO, use this search phrase in addition to your other search term/s:
psychoanalytic interpretation

Find PsycINFO in the "Find Articles & More" lists --> Browse by Title (P) and Browse by Topic (Psychology).