Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spotlight on the Internet - European Film Gateway

Grab your popcorn and junior mints! While browsing through the web site Europeana (funded by the European Commission and the member states, this site links you to 4 million digital items from Europe's museums, libraries, archives and audio-visual collections ) for a project, I came across another web site that may be of interest to our Film faculty and students - European Film Gateway (EFG).

This is a nascent project which intends to provide direct access to about 790,000 digital objects including films, photos, posters, drawings, sound material and text documents. While there is no actual content available now (keep checking), clicking on Related Links, on the left of the page, brings you to a list of sites for audio-visual portals and projects.

One site does offer some fine viewing - Europa Film Treasures. This site offers "treasures from 28 European film archives to re-discover and view online." It is searchable by a variety of criteria, including country of origin and genre. The current selection spans the years 1896-1999 and includes-for now-76 films.

Care to learn more about and view "Jedna Seoska Srpska Svadba" (A Serbian Country Wedding) from 1910? Just click on the film title link. There are more gems like this from Hungary, Russia, Ireland, Sweden, etc.

I have added this link to the Film & Television Studies subject guide, under the "Web Sites" tab.